With very busy lives, overwhelming and confusing information on the best way to eat and exercise, 7Core Fitness online nutrition and workout coaching removes the stress and decisions on what steps to take to improve your nutrition and what you should do for a workout that day. In addition, you get the support and accountability you need to embark on a healthier life for yourself, family and others. 

There are 3 online coaching options:

1. Nutrition only
2. Training only
3. Both nutrition and training

No matter which option you choose, Jen is your personal coach. She is your teacher, mentor, supporter, and motivator who remains truthful, honest, direct throughout your entire journey.

You have Jen for an entire year!

This is a year long program. Commitment to improving your health is a long term journey. A lot happens over the course of year that can challenge your healthy habits. Having support through these life changes sets you up for sustainable, life changing success!


Ready to join Team 7Core?

Contact 7Core for a complimentary consultation. 

What is included: 


For Nutrition

  • 1 hour initial phone/video session (can be in person if local)
  • every 4 weeks 30 minute phone/video session or more frequent if requested (can be in person if local)
  • weekly personal coaching messages
  • create your own owner’s manual based on you and your goals
  • daily emails with education and check-ins
  • biweekly changing habits to help you toward your goals
  • easy way to keep track of your progress
  • private FB Group- Team 7Core (optional)
  • personal accountability and support
  • learn how being healthy can be doable with your life
  • what does “healthy” really mean for you
  • how to overcome challenges
  • meal planning assistance
  • feel more empowered and in control of your health

For Workouts

  • tailor based to your goals - fat loss, muscle gain, body recomposition or just need to get moving - and injuries - whether acute, chronic, or exercise-induced
  • 1 hour initial phone/video session (can be in person if local)
  • every 4 weeks 30 minute phone/video session (can be in person if local)
  • weekly personal coaching messages
  • workout adjusted to the client’s location - in a gym, at home (with minimal equipment), or a quick workout, if short on time.
  • progressions and regressions are available based on a movement assessment
  • detailed videos and explanation of all movements
  • starts at the client’s currently fitness level and progresses
  • personal accountability and support
  • get strong physically and mentally 

To support 7Core’s distance coaching, Jen utilizes an amazing software called ProCoach created by Precision Nutrition.

Watch this video to learn more about how ProCoach works.


What it costs:

For less than $4.50/day, you have daily nutrition support or workout support.


For less than $7/day, you have can both daily nutrition and workout support. 

Jen guarantees that if you commit, you will see an amazing change in your body, your mind and your soul. If after 3 months, you find 7Core's online coaching isn't meeting your expectation, you can request a refund. Amount refunded will be based on the months remaining on your year long programs. 


Contact Jen now for more information or to set up a complimentary consult.

(703) 672 1297