Studio 7Core


Located right outside Tysons Corner in the Greater Washington D.C. area, Studio 7Core is an immaculate, upscale and complete private training studio.


State Of The Art Studio

This carefully designed studio filled with quality, state of the art and
current fitness equipment was created to serve all your training needs. 

Equipped with top of line equipment such as:

  • Kettlebells

  • Dumbells

  • Barbells

  • Dyamnex balls

  • Agility tools

  • Resistance bands

  • TRX

  • Battle ropes

  • ViPRs

  • Sandbells

Cardio equipment by Landice, Keiser, and Concept2.


Whether getting your work out in before heading to work or running errands in Tysons, Studio 7Core will allow you to have fun, get your sweat on, and provide you with the convenience of a clean, beautiful facility to shower and get ready in. All this to help you move better, get stronger, and feel your best after training!


Contact 7Core for a tour or a complimentary consultation and assessment.

(703) 672 1297