7Core Fitness Master Trainer - Jen G.


The path to whole, complete health is not easy, but it is attainable. It is important to recognize that each person is different. I work together with every client to find a unique plan that is right for them and their lifestyle, to help live with and move with more freedom every day. - Jen


My Start With Nursing


The body, and all of its facets, roles and functions, fascinates me. I have been studying the body for almost 20 years, starting when I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

My professional career then began as a registered nurse. While I enjoyed taking great care of my patients and educating them on how the body works, I wanted to do something that would help to keep people from being admitted to the hospital in the first place. At such an early time in my career, I wasn’t sure how I would help make that happen.


Running Nowhere

Fast forward a few years and I discovered that the path to health requires thoughtfulness through trial and error. At the time, running was my main form of exercise. I ran almost everyday and had what I considered a “pretty healthy” diet. Yet I found myself feeling unhealthy and frustrated by how my body looked.

It was after I ended up with foot pain called plantar fasciitis from running too much, and had my daughter, when I knew my exercise and nutrition regimen needed to change. I started by joining a gym, taking group exercise classes, doing strength training, as well as other forms of cardio.


Cleaning Up My Eating

Change continued with an examination and overhaul of my nutrition and eating habits. I realized that my “pretty healthy” diet included too many processed foods that were also nutrient poor. I learned about the importance of clean eating and knowing what is in your food.

After I started eating whole, real, basic foods, my body really took shape, reflecting the time and effort I put in at the gym. I enjoyed fat loss, increased endurance, and was rarely sick. Quite simply, I felt the best I had ever felt.


A Passion To Empower Others


I wanted to share my new found passion with others, so I became certified as a personal trainer. Being a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist is a job that I don’t call “work.” My nursing background provided the foundation I needed to really understand how complex our bodies are, and why exercise and nutrition impact how well each person’s body will work for them. Continual breakthroughs in medical science and fitness makes it necessary to stay informed, so I strive to always increase my understanding and knowledge of how the body works to make the best “core” possible.




Jen is a sought after speaker on a variety of topics relating to wellness and creating sustainable fitness and nutrition habits. She can create a custom presentation for your group or speak on a topic listed below:

  • Programming workouts

  • Mobility and stability of the body

  • Defining the core and how to train

  • Eating right made easy

  • How to make wellness possible in your life

  • What to look for in a trainer


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