Warrior Sunday Accountability Calendar - Holiday Version


Updated 3/1/19

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The time from Thanksgiving to the first week of January can be challenging for myself to not overindulge on treats and drinks. To help me stay on track this year, I created a Warrior Sunday Accountability Calendar.

I would love to have company! You pick the goal(s) you want to accomplish over the next 6 or so weeks in regards to healthy eating or exercise while still enjoying all that comes with the holidays.

A few example goals are decrease daily intake of bread/refined grains, eat more veggies everyday, have dessert only a couple of nights per week, set a certain number of drinks per week, and/or get in a certain amount of movement/exercise per week. You pick the goal that you need most for feeling good this holiday season. A goal that challenges you but is realistic. Also, a goal that is specific. Set a certain a number per day, week, or month— whatever relates best to your goal.

Here are my calendar specifics:

*My Goal— Over the next 6 weeks (Nov 25 until Jan 5), no sugar, refined grains, or alcoholic drinks except at a few planned occasions/meals. These planned occasions/meals can’t exceed 3 per week.

*My Why— So I can be my best physically and mentally during this holiday time and not have regret for poor choices.  Not have that “ugh” feeling. Be in a more consistently better mood. Like how my body looks going into the New Year. Be a good example for my daughter.

*My Challenges— Frequently like to snack on a few tortilla chips in the afternoon. Craving something sweet after dinner. Craving wine on the weekends.  Getting treats with my daughter. Extra event/occasions/meal invites with tempted treats and drinks. Can easily give in to special sweets at a party. 5 days of travel.

*My Plan— Eat only real food for all meals except the ones planned on the calendar over the next 6 weeks. No sugar to include honey and maple syrup. No refined grains. Drink only water or hot tea. On planned days, may enjoy 1-2 treats and/or 1-2 drinks. Will commit to a predetermined treat intake before the event. Substitute nuts for tortilla chips. Have a fruit if craving something sweet after dinner. Have sparkling water when craving wine. Pack healthy snacks when traveling. Help plan healthy meals for when away.

I will share my progress throughout the 6 weeks on Instagram and Facebook.

So who wants to team up?

If you want to join,

  1. Submit your info above.

  2. Download and print the calendar.

  3. Fill out your goal, why, challenges, and plan.

  4. Write in the calendar your scheduled treats, meals, occasions, and/or events.

  5. If you wish, share your progress with me or on social media. Tag @7corefitness, #7corefitness, #warriorsunday, and #accountabilitycalendar.

  6. Enjoy the holidays the way you want!

To feeling our best!