Life Without Restriction


It can be challenging to create sustainable fitness and nutrition habits that fit into a busy, yet balanced lifestyle. Many people find they are living with restrictions when it comes to their strength, mobility and overall general health.


Live Well

Wellness incorporates both body and mind. Personal training with Jen will help you find ways to enjoy moving more, which strengthens your body, and nourishing your mind through healthy eating and a positive mindset.


Move With Freedom

As a former Registered Nurse, Jen is highly qualified to design a personal training program that will address your unique health concerns, and over time, lead to increased strength, mobility and freedom of movement.

2 Core Areas


Jen works one on one with people of all ages and physical capabilities
in her private studio located in Tysons Corner, VA and through virtual coaching.


Personal Training


Strengthening The Body

Jen, a former Registered Nurse, combines her years of experience and medical knowledge to personally design a custom program for each client, reviewing and adjusting each step of the way…learn more

Nutritional Coaching


Nourishing The Mind

Good nutrition is the foundation for overall wellness. Jen works with clients to create a plan that works with your lifestyle, preferences and delivers results. Accountability and coaching calls help you meet your goals…learn more

What Clients Are Saying…


"I always laughed when Jen said 'we're going to increase the weight' or 'now, we're going to go longer,' saying to her, 'we are going to do this?' But, I soon realized that she was every bit as committed to improving my fitness as I’ve been and is a true partner every step of the way! She also really educates you along the way so you understand why you are doing what she asks. Training with Jen is an exceptionally rewarding experience."

- Craig Fuller, Former White House official and association chief executive


Working Together

Step One


Schedule An
Initial Assessment

Step Two

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Create A
Custom Plan

Step Three

Start Living
In Freedom


Take The First Step

The 3 components of 7Core...

The body can be strengthened in many ways - body & resistance weights, cardio, and regeneration. Finding the best combination of strengthening based on individual goals and needs, creates the optimal physical condition for a person…learn more.

Nutrition is a primary key to whole health. There is a wealth of information out there, but how does it apply to your lifestyle? It can be the hardest to change but with realistic goals and evaluation, it will change ones wellness in amazing ways…learn more.

Taking control of ones health through a stronger body and proper nutrition will make you feel better than you ever have before. This connection of mind and body can empower a person in ways they never thought possible. Empower YOU…learn more.

“If you show up, Jen delivers. Her services don't stop when your session ends. She is constantly in contact with her clients, keeping them accountable and developing new training challenges." - C.A.